Alan Bulfin
Link To Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtOjFZp-5J8&feature=youtu.be
Artist Country of Origin: Ireland
Performance Title: The Eternal Consequences
Performance Length: 10-15 minutes
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): Performance Art
Performance Description: ‘Some Possible Infinities that May Have Been Made by Dishwashers’ is a long-term project that Alan Bulfin has undertaken. The project uses the work place and work of a dishwasher to give context and material for the creation of interactive art works. Some possible infinities are speculations and creative austerities, which changes the value of the everyday into infinity.
‘Some Possible Infinities that May Have Been Made by Dishwashers’ -art project includes a comic book and three performances. Two of these performances Bulfin has performed already. The first performance ‘The Eternal Celebration’ was at Art’s birthday evening organized by Fake Finn group at HIAP artist residency studios in Suomenlinna. The same performance was also performed in Helsinki city centre on the street, where Bulfin had a pop-up window exhibition. The second performance ‘The Eternal Commemoration for the Death of Belief’ was on the opening night of the exhibition Unrequited Hatred curated by Tadhg O’Cuirrin and Darren Barrett. It was organized by Adapt Galway and shown in The Shed Gallery, Galway, Ireland.
The third performance ‘The Eternal Consequences’ -description
The performance start with me standing with 20 sweeping brushes and a poster or projector behind me telling the audience about, how Mr. T sees the creation of inequality:
It is said that Mr. T might have made more videos of life lessons but these cannot be aired on tv, because they might cause widespread revolution. This is what was purportedly said on the video.
I pity the fool that does not have egalitarian passion. You should know that on this day many millenniums ago politics was enforced, when some fool accidentally made a mess of the toilet and run away leaving the mess for someone else to clean up. This created the first form of inequality, enslavement and a conflict began for egalitarian justice.  Consequently today we are within that justice or we are not and this is your decision to make.
So quit your jibber jabber and do something about it fool!
People are also been noted to pick up the brushes from me with this saying on the wall projected or in a poster. I will hold 20 sweeping brushes, when enough of the brushes are picked up the performance will begin. I will show people how we are going to create the eternal consequences. We will take the brushes and play the game of a dizzy brush race while listening to infinity music. The infinity occurs when an accient happens. This can occur at anytime through out the performance.
Artist Website: http://www.celesteprize.com/member/idu:59043/

Andy Best (with Merja Puustinen, Ulla Koivisto, Leila Kourika)
Link To Video: https://vimeo.com/23062382
Performance Description: FLE5H0.1 is an exploration of form, colour, sound and space. The traditional boundaries between the performers’ bodies and other objects and space are broken down as simple, monotonous actions and grotesque gestures and forms are woven together with sound and image. The dance evolves around the performers’ playful interactions with large colourful latext objects that are used both as partners and prostheses. Live sound and video create an ongoing dialogue with the dancers’ actions. The work breathes fluidly as elements are brought into the foreground and then sink back into the darkness. The sound reacts to the dancers’ movements in unpredictable ways, partly controlled by the dancers themselves through sensors and microphones in the space. The audience as well contributes to the audioscape through ambient sounds picked up, analysed and filtered through software. Video imagery, both pre-recorded and live, adds to the layering of media in the space. Everyone is a part of the work – be they performer or audience, feeding back into the performance loop.
FLE5H0.1 is an experimental collaboration between choreographer and dancer Ulla Koivisto, dancer Leila Kourika and media artists Merja Puustinen and Andy Best. Visual design, lighting, and direction by Merja Puustinen. Sound design and live music and video by Andy Best.
Artist Website: http://andyandmerja.com

Attila Jáger
Link To Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQQ_w-InR9g
Equipment Provided by Artist: 1 skateboard for use
15-20 artworks (jpeg format)
Artist Country of Origin: Hungary
Performance Title: The voice of skateboarding
Performance Length: 30-40 minutes
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): performance art
Performance Description: Skateboarding has been my passion and my main source of inspiration for the past eleven years. To me, it has always been important to tell my side of the story through the looking glass of skating, and possibly convert it to messages that make sense to an outsider.
Skateboarding is a way to communicate and build relationships. Art is the same. Thats the message of my performance.
First part: Live skateboard demo (5-10 minutes)
Second part: Visitors can try to learn skateboarding and  take a look on the exhibition and then color these skateboard thematic drawings (20-30 minutes)
Artist Website: http://www.curators-network.eu/archiveuploads/items/513_20120625142337.pdf

bistu ryx
Link To Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TdiWac_cX0
Artist Country of Origin: Colombia
Performance Title: Shamanic Noise
Performance Length: 45 minutes
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): sound and performance art
Performance Description: SHAMANIC NOISE
is a series of actions that play in two spaces simultaneously,
1- outside the museum,
2-inside the museum
are connected by a string
these actions are of a ritual, the idea is to connect the public with the ritual of shamanic noise, urban ritual, is a route that begins in the tent, and ends at the museum, where they will be sound equipment…
the walking need be whithout a shoes, the public need take off the shoes, try to feel the natural skyn of the earth in the way to museum, the people use the string to follow the leader, and inside of museum we take the water, all people take the water, is a simbolic situation of how we lost the natural conections.
And when we arrive to museum , in the place to the sound stuff we start to create a atmospheric sounds with the ambient, the people are free to participate with the performance sounds, is a open performance, the important is how we are in a process of comunication…::::..
Artist Website: bisturyx.blogspot.com

Cassandra Tytler
Link To Video: https://vimeo.com/40477688-thisisalinktomyoldperformanceasthenewonehasn’tbeenperformedyet.
Artist Country of Origin: Australia
Performance Title: Within
Performance Length: 7-10 minutes
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): Video performance
Performance Description: “Within” is a multi-media performance piece that explores the fear of our own bodies and the negative ways in which we perceive our physical selves. At its essence this is a psychological piece that explores the fear and disgust that we have towards ourselves, a feeling, which could be argued, is innate to being human. It is a piece that mocks these fears, laughing in the face of our own paranoia. It uses a combination of experimental narrative techniques mixed with the art, fantasy and horror genres.
As part of a live performance my body will become warped and stretched, imploding in on itself, giving birth to shapes and strange monsters. This will be achieved by the animated video, which is projected on top of me, placed at the exact height of my body, and moving at the same speed as my own movements. I will play a character who is pushed through life by a sense of what she should be like and what she should look like. She is doomed to always see the monster within rather than what beauty she may have, and always wrestling with her own vanity.
The sound and music to this performance will be pre-recorded, but this time I will use musicians to make it rather than doing the sound myself.
This will be the first time I perform “Within”, so I do not have a direct link to it. I will use and improve the techniques of the last performance that I did with Dimanche Rouge, now having a greater experience for where I want to go from here, and also what works well in a live setting.
Artist Website: www.cassandratytler.com

Link To Video: http://Thisisanewwork,sixyearsinthemaking
Artist Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates
Performance Title: 2199AH: MOSQUE ON MARS
Performance Length: 14 minutes
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): Multi sensory performance with sound, scent, algorithmic video and performance art
Performance Description: 2199AH: MOSQUE ON MARS is a performance art project by CHOKRA that teleports into the realms of localized interplanetary narrative to initiate an electronic configuration of abstract space, cyberfaith and ambitions of extraterrestrial conquest. Featuring multidimensional compositions of algorithmic and surrealistic visuals, interactive illuminations and multi-channel sound, 2199AH simulates the transportation to Mars in a heightened construct of hyper sensorial and meta-conscious realities. Combining adhans with multi-lingual cyberfaith recitations in Arabic, Urdu and English, 2199AH situates a unique command of poetry, rap rhymes and Emirati space program instruction in a simultaneous and live operative. A  ceremonial progression of the multi-sensory in 2199AH shall accelerate CHOKRA’s teleportation to Mars with an epic and celebratory propagation of exploding pigments in neon hues, pyromania, Khaleeji (Arabian Gulf) oud, crushed gold and powdered sandalwood. 2199AH shall also advance beyond linear narrative and  somatic operatives with an online portal coded by CHOKRA featuring telematic occurrences from the future viewable onwww.mosqueonmars.com.
Artist Website: www.chokralovesyou.com

Cris Brooks
Artist Full Name and Artistic Name if Any: Cris Brooks
Link To Video: http://Availableonrequest.
Artist Country of Origin: UK
Performance Title: A cog in the machine
Performance Length: 10 minutes
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): performance art
Performance Description: With my knee to my forehead for most of the performance, I embody the phrase ‘keep your head down and work.’ I perform mechanical movements while on the floor . After becoming imprisoned within my own legs, I break out of the structured movement.  This is the second of two performances sent in two different applications.
Artist Website: www.crisbrooks.co.uk

Destruction Factory (Fabryka Destrukcja)
Artist Full Name and Artistic Name if Any: Destruction Factory (Fabryka Destrukcja)
Link To Video: http://youtu.be/MDJXU_oDtxY
Artist Country of Origin: Poland
Performance Title: Installation V
Performance Length: 20-40 min (improvisation)
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): performance art; destructive improvisation
Performance Description: Who:
Fabryka Destrukcja (Destruction Factory) is two performers — Piotr Filonowicz and Paweł Olejnik. Their common experience is mainly a few years of intense work on movement and vocal improvisation with the Linia Nocna group (Night Route).

The objective of Fabryka Destrukcja is improvised destruction of art installations. The group not only creates their own installations, but also collaborates with artists who build the space for improvisation or offer their work of art up for destruction.

Destroying a work of art is a performative act, based on the assumptions of total improvisation developed by Linia Nocna.
Total improvisation is related to a strong sensation of being here and now. The performer should reach a state of openness, permeability, multidimensional perception. They receive an unlimited number of stimuli (through their eyes, ears, touch, sense of time, space, associations). Their task is to select the stimuli intuitively and respond to them in a fully psychophysical manner. Performative actions add up into a story, a commentary on the work of art being destroyed.

The modus operandi was conceived out of a belief that each act of destruction is simultaneous with an act of creation. It is to show that destroying something can be just as beautiful as creating. It is to show that destroying a work of art can itself be a work of art.
In everyday life we are separated from devastation, decay and death. But the world is subject to continuous changes, meaning continuous creation and destruction. The beauty of destruction allows us to become accustomed to the passing of things.
Artist Website: www.facebook.com/FabrykaDestrukcja

Evi Pärn
Link To Video: https://vimeo.com/22394590
Artist Country of Origin: Estonia
Performance Title: Fa(r)ce
Performance Length: 10 min
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): performance, sound, experimental
Performance Description: Fa(r)ce is an improvisational experimental music performance conducted by the face.
In this performance Face is represented as interactive form of  music notation, in each face expression is a code for musicians. Everything happens  in real time. It is pure improvisation but with some strict rules. Here is an example of notation https://vimeo.com/21695584.
It is a group performance, 5 people will participate : John W.Fail – violin, Lilli Tölp – diy synthesizer, Eerik Kändler – diy synthesizer, Hannes Aasamets – voice improvisation, Evi Pärn – as conducting face.
Artist Website: https://vimeo.com/user3205976

Evita Birule
Link To Video: https://vimeo.com/49914503
Artist Country of Origin: Latvia
Performance Title: “Where, do it, begin”
Performance Length: 20 minutes
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): Dance performance
Performance Description: This is solo piece I have participated with in megaFon 2011 theatre festival in Bochum, Germany.
This dance solo is based on emotions I struggled with as an artist in time when I was searching for new ideas for my final diploma work. I found interesting ways I tried to get inspired. So instead of working on diploma work, I found idea for new choreography.
I took search for inspiration as a base theme and then looked where it took me in dance material. It came out as a dance piece “Where, do it, begin”/Where I put my body in position of searching and being active in space.
Performance is combined with a photo slide show on a background of wall. It is photos of me searching, looking for something in different crazy areas,  as boat dock, car wash and banded houses.
“It is flowing in the air, but so fragile tha it slipps away, it can be in the water i drink, wall i see, sound I hear. It can be there and nowhere. And finaly it can be in me..but where do i begin ?”- this small description tells that to find an idea you can look in various places, inspiration hides in everywhere!
Unfortunately I don’t have any video from actual performance, which took place in Bochum city cafe, so I send you incomplete video from final rehearsal. There is missing end part ( the part which is combined with photo slid show ).All together piece is aprox. 20 minutes long.
Artist Website: http://eviniara.wordpress.com/

f.r.u. Studio (Agnieszka Bronowska/ David Evans)
Artist Full Name and Artistic Name if Any: f.r.u. Studio (Agnieszka Bronowska/ David Evans)
Link To Video: https://vimeo.com/43578467
Artist Country of Origin: Poland/UK
Performance Title: Nic Dwa Razy // Nothing Twice
Performance Length: 25 minutes
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): video-theatrical performance
Performance Description: Poetry, theatre, and video art are siblings. Poetry is deeply theatrical, and a role of visual content in theatre is pivotal. They are crucially and profoundly different, and yet there is much in each art form that can be learned from the other. Yet, while exchange between theatre and poetry is well-established, and the role of multimedia in performing arts is growing, it seems to be very little happening in a junction between these three art forms.
“Nothing Twice” aims at this junction, specifically. It is a video-theatre performance bringing together the poetry of Wisława Szymborska, Polish Sign Language (PJM), live video mixing, and a powerful choreography blending flamenco and a contemporary dance.
The primary language of “Nothing Twice” is movement. Movement of hands and shoulders of interpreters (Agata Jurkiewicz and Joanna Łacheta), translating poetic text into a choreographed moves of a dancer (Agnieszka “Bronka” Bronowska) and into a visual medium such as live video (Dave Evans).
In “Nothing Twice” sound is as important as image. The spoken text enhances a connection between gestures, choreography, images, and music. The music itself is a collaborative work of Dave Evans (electronic effects), Ju Cho (vocal), and world class contemporary Polish musicians, Dagna Sadkowska (violin) and Michał Górczyński (clarinet, beatbox).
The performance has been supported and curated by the “KOKON” Foundation, which aims at promotion of culture of deaf and hearing-impaired people in Poland.
Director:       Agnieszka “Bronka” Bronowska
Performers:  Agnieszka “Bronka” Bronowska
Dave Evans

Video performance of Polish Sign Language: Joanna Łacheta
Agata Jurkiewicz
Music:  Dagna Sadkowska – violin
Dave Evans – electronic effects
Ju Cho – vocal
Michał Gorczyński – clarinet

Animations, video, and photography: Agnieszka “Bronka” Bronowska
Live video mixing: Dave Evans
Spoken word: Agnieszka “Bronka” Bronowska
Soundtrack engineering: Dave Evans
Credits: “Fundacja KOKON” (PL) curated and greatly assisted in Polish Sign Language interpretation of Wisława Szymborska’s poetry.  Poetry of Wisława Szymborska was translated into English by Stanislaw Barańczak, Clare Cavanagh, and Magnus J. Kryński.
Artist Website: https://vimeo.com/user5853568

Geert Vaes
Link To Video: https://vimeo.com/45478625
Artist Country of Origin: Belgium
Performance Title: Applauding a Tree
Performance Length: maximum 30 minutes
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): Performance (film and photography)
A lone tree in the city or in nature.
Performance Description: Applauding a Tree is an ongoing performance/film/photographical project. It started in Brussels in spring 2011.
The concept is very simple. A crowd (the public) gathers in front of a tree, watches the tree, sees the three, is silent.
Then the audience applauds the tree. The tree gets a standing ovation.
Applauding a Tree creates a bigger awareness about the environment. It’s a moment of being quiet in nature, looking at nature, being present in nature, and sharing this presence with others. Being with a group of people in nature, playing public, bringing the convention of the theatre to nature. It breaks open the theatrical space but also the awareness of the public. The tree as the main actor, the conveyor of meaning, the witness. Lots of ideas tend to pop up in people’s heads while watching and applauding. It’s a celebration of our natural environment we often discard.
The piece is essentially about the people who applaud, the tree is the trigger and grows -forgive me the poetry- inside the people.
Artist Website: www.theatredelaliberte.be

Hana Vojackova
Link To Video: http://-
Artist Country of Origin: Czech Republic/ United Kingdom
Performance Title: Wishes & Wasted Breath
Performance Length: Loop – various
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): Photo Installation
Performance Description: The project consist of a series of  6 photographs examining the idea of (e)motional body. I want to explore primal human instincts, reactions and expressions. This I plan to do through photographs of an illusional chase between a man and woman. Chase as a situation of fear, desire, anger, vulnerability, exhaustion……..
The series will be presented in a for of installation when couple of images will be projected next to each other. They will change irregularly  (one side will be photographs of the man and the second of the woman) so there will be variety of possible connections and interpretations of the relationships and chase structure between the characters.
Artist Website: www.hanavojackova.com

Hiroko Tsuchimoto
Link To Video: http://vimeo.com/26685159
Artist Country of Origin: Japan
Performance Title: caressing taste
Performance Length: 15 min
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): performance art
Performance Description: In this performance Hiroko makes Hinomaru, the national flag of Japan, using homemade jam.
She embodies her situation and her identity as an Asian immigrant living in Europe.
Artist Website: hirokotsuchimoto.info

Jasmin Schaitl
Link To Video: https://vimeo.com/45849431
Artist Country of Origin: Austria
Performance Title: Comment #12
Performance Length: 1hour to 1:30 hr
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): Conceptual Performance ARt
Performance Description: Intimacy is instrumentalized for commercials and turned into passive commodities behind shopping windows. This resembles powerlessness and people are reduced into mute objects. Jasmin Schaitl‘s performance positioned itself between active provocation and passive reticence. It triggered a dialectic examination between the object of performance and the audience.
Within the original performance, she put plaster around her whole body and then painted it gold. The meditative way of doing this was underlined through a lit candle. A mirror was placed between her spread legs in order to provoke. This female sculpture might be seen as a product of our society.
Artist Website: www.jasminschaitl.com/jasminschaitl

Ji-Eun Lee
Artist Country of Origin: South Korea
Performance Title: Play.Back.Again.Then
Performance Length: 25mins
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): Dance Performance
Performance Description: TItle: Play.Back.Again.Then.(Choreographer, Performer/ Ji-Eun Lee)
Concealing my name
And erasing my memories
As my existence fades away in smog
Only then I look at myself
The world is theatre.
The character, mistaken in thinking that he/she is the protagonist.
What he/she wants to forget is forgotten. Her name is erased.
A story about someone with the desire to turn back the time to remember and rediscover.
Artist Website: www.me-sa.cz

Kaia Otstak
Link To Video: http://kaiaotstak.planet.ee/?gallery=12#images/2012-perf-IaHB.jpg
Artist Country of Origin: Estonia
Performance Title: Interviewing a Human Being
Performance Length: 15 minutes
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): performance art
Performance Description: One is trying to interview another while latter is washing a floor with its clothes. Behind or above them there is playing a video of meaningful texts through history and other. Concept: “Ze works, this human. Ze works, because Ze found Hir beginning after Paradise. And Ze feels Nakedness. So Ze works more. And as a by- or mainproduct of the work, Meaning spills into the world… It is asked, why? For what?”
Artist Website: http://kaiaotstak.planet.ee

Koala Yip
Link To Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNRjfi01vzs
Artist Country of Origin: Hong Kong, China
Performance Title: Simply Gift
Performance Length: 7:08
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): performance art, with video installation
Performance Description: This is a performance piece with dance movement, installation and handheld projector. The piece was performed by Mark and myself and lasted for six minutes. The idea came from the day of October 21st, 2011 when I heard that the American President Obama announced the end of the war on Iraq. In autumn of 2002, when I was still in Los Angeles I was thinking what to choreograph for the show in the Ford Theatre with Monica Favand and other members of  Trip Dance Theatre. I told them I have a gut feeling of the coming of war. So, I created a dance piece about woman waiting in the wartime, “Deep Winter”. The piece was performed by five female dancers, including myself. It was a high energetic piece expressing the unsettling emotions of waiting. The next year, American was in war. After almost nine years, when I was informed the end of war, I immediately thought of creating a performance as a dialogue of my former work. This time I want to tone down the element of war, but to concentrate on the feelings of longing to be united with patience. The piece is basically a series of live images about someone getting ready for something simple but precious.
I portrayed a feminine figure in the piece first. Then I added a male figure. I want to create the female a very soft and elegant outlook but she is the one who performed the most physically demanding movements, kind of like woman in military training. The contrasting quality of  toughness and strength is a deeper layer of writing the word “patience” in my performance piece. The male figure starts with impatient mood then turned into commanding actions. The second half of the performance developed into a scene that I hypothetically push myself into the other side of a mirror, alienating my face and my body into two spaces. I used the movement of a person doing make up on the face, but started to write words. I want to treat a female’s face as a piece of letter, which she writes to her loved one. The actions of the writing were fed live with a mini projector projecting the image on my back. I want to create a live video feed of my face on my back. This appropriates the movement of face make-up into writing a love letter. The music I used is the same title “Simple Gift”.
Artist Website: www.koalayip.com/simplygif.intro.htm

Liisa Pentti +Co
Link To Video: http://vimeo.com/35677014
Artist Country of Origin: Finland
Performance Title: The Weight of My Heart
Performance Length: 45 min
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): dance/performance
Performance Description: This fantasy-filled piece by the Finnish choregrapher Liisa Pentti is  about love, life and death. Through a minimalistic form it recollects ordinary events in Liisa Pentti’s life and of those near and far who have passed away. She creates a floating landscape of personal stories transforming into larger-than- life fiction. Since we are living in times of changes and unpredictability the basic questions are coming to the surface, Liisa Pentti needed to ask the questions: “Can we live in peace with our dead and if so, how? Can we laugh with them and imagine our dearest ones happy on the other side? And what about love?”
The landscape of personal and stolen memories has been inspired by the lives and stories of Sabina Spielrein, Marina Tsvetaeva, Marina Abramović and Melina Mercouri, among others.
Liisa Pentti is one of the key visionaries of the Finnish dance scene. She has worked as a dancer, choreographer and teacher in Finland and abroad since 1986. Her inspiration is in continuously finding new ways to play with movement and create choreography. She is moving in a landscape where dance, performance and theatre are combined, and she is well known to question and explore the limits of performative expression. “The Weight of My Heart” has been chosen for the Nordic Dance Platform ICE HOT in 2012.
Artist Website: http://liisapentti.com/

Labo DSN/ Selim Aydogdu
Artist Full Name and Artistic Name if Any: Labo DSN/ Selim Aydogdu
Link To Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4x25fkycakY
Artist Country of Origin: Belgique
Performance Title: Nothing Else
Performance Length: 33 min
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): Danse contemporaine, body painting, musique électronique expérimentale
Performance Description: Des êtres humains, de chair et d’os, qui se suivent, se croisent,… en pleine conscience d’eux-mêmes et de leur environnement. Ils font de la scène un monde d’existences en mouvement, subissant le temps qui passe, se remettant en question, disparaissant peu à peu, mais laissant une trace sur terre et dans les esprits, leur trace.
Chorégraphie: Selim Aydogdu/Labo DSN. Encrage: Laura Hermans. Musique: Axhan Sonn. Labo DSN: Valentine Jaumot, Laetitia Contino, Renaud Suisse. Scénographie: Selim Aydogdu. Assistante chorégraphe: Tamara Degroot.
Artist Website: facebook.com/Labodsn      www.wix.com/aydogduselim/labo-dsn

Magdalena Ptasznik
Link To Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fpHO0bVfyI&feature=youtu.be
Artist Country of Origin: Poland
Performance Title: surface.territory
Performance Length: 25min (approx.)
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): dance/ performance
Performance Description: “surface.territory” is a choreography for space, the body, matter and time. In the show the performer enters and becomes part of a minimalist landscape stretched across the floor of a theatre hall. The performer travels across this landscape encountering objects/materials which she shapes and is also transformed by. It is in these encounters/interactions that the presence of the performer and of the matter (her partner) manifests. Matter is treated here as the only experience that we share with full certainty. It does not serve solely as a decoration or background for human activity but, rather, the encounter with it is an important and intimate incident that contributes to our formation. “surface.territory” constitutes an open-ended question regarding “being in the world”, the significance of the material landscape in which we live and our relationship with it, as well as the possibility or impossibility of sharing the experience of reality. The show is an ephemeral sculpture in time; it is what a viewer can see and experience for as long as it lasts and nothing more.
Artist Website: http://magdalenaptasznik.wordpress.com/

Marita Lumi
Link To Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-n2uUeCmiBk
Artist Country of Origin: Estonia
Performance Title: saia do harpa
Performance Length: 30 minutes
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): sound performance art
Performance Description: The Saia do Harpa is a sculptural new musical instrument, invented by Marita Lumi. it can be played alone or with group of people. It is a skirt that has 40 chords in 5 sections. First part of the performance would be playing together with Farruhruz Susi and Astra Sauga.  The second part would be solo performance singing with the same skirt.
Artist Website: maritalumi.blogspot.com

Meri (Pauliina) Nikula
Link To Video: https://vimeo.com/21654148(thisisonlythebeginning)
Artist Country of Origin: Finland
Performance Title: RED
Performance Length: 25min
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): Performance (movement & voice based)
Performance Description: RED (2011)
A tribute to the female body, to the female power: soft, sweet, enchanting, superficial, unreasonable, aggressive, animalistic. Red liquid rushing in our veins, the warm glow of life pulsating beneath our skin. A body as a territory of desires, projections, explosions and embraces. A body as an individual collage of images and impressions. A body as a mask and a point of entry.
Artist Website: http://performanssi.com/red, www.vimeo.com/merinikula, www.merinikula.com (under construction)

Miss Universe
Artist Full Name and Artistic Name if Any: Miss Universe (full name:Deniz Benba, please don’t use real name for press)
Link To Video: http://www.missuniverseforever.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=52&Itemid=&lang=tr
Artist Country of Origin: Turkey/Austria
Performance Title: The Diamond Ring
Performance Length: 30 min
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): performance art
Camera must be hanged on the ceiling above a table and connected to a projector which will project the view on the table to the wall. The camera and projector must be hanged before the program starts.
Performance Description: CONCEPT:
The Diamond Ring
Performance by Miss Universe, 2012
Every Miss Universe has a diamond ring and a red dress.
Every Miss Universe smiles but is unpredictable, actually.
Every Miss Universe must talk about Istanbul and Africa.
Memories – dreams – disappointment – anger and hunger!
Miss Universe is there with Romeos and ten white cups, searching for her lost diamond ring.
A performance about black and white / male and female / silence and breath / motion and stillness / rhyme and text / repetition and climaxes.
Artist Website: http://www.missuniverseforever.com/

Postinstrumentum (Tanel V. Kulla, Urmas Lüüs, Hans – Otto Ojaste, Aili – Maarja Mäeniit, Sigrid Viir, Erik Alalooga, Andreas W) have not applied yet
Artist Full Name and Artistic Name if Any(required) – Postinstrumentum (Tanel V. Kulla, Urmas Lüüs, Hans – Otto Ojaste, Aili – Maarja Mäeniit, Sigrid Viir, Erik Alalooga, Andreas W)
Artist Country of Origin(required) – Estonia
Performance Title(required) –
Performance Length(required) – approx 30 min.
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.)(required) – A band with self- made music instruments.
Performance Description(required) – postinstrumentum.wordpress.com

Roberta Orlando ; r0.
Link To Video: http://vimeo.com/26859706
Artist Country of Origin: Italy
Performance Title: They are labels. We are lovers.
Performance Length: 7’00”
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): performance art
Performance Description: Part of a work concentrated on discrimination for sexual orientation, Roberta Orlando performs a symbolic act, with a reflection about society and its anthropological need to labelling itself.
The division of our sexual orientation, what does it really mean?
Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, heterosexual or straight: a sound that people abuse, judge and never compared.
Human rights, in every state of the world, differ based on sexual orientation, but when the love comes, what is really important to label?
And above all, why hinder?
Artist Website: http://r0inconnu.blogspot.it/

Rocio Boliver, La Congelada de Uva
Link To Video: http://vimeo.com/40011317
Artist Country of Origin: México City
Performance Title: Sonata
Performance Length: 15 min
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): performance art
Performance Description: A singer and me, will be “play” a tipical song. The singer and I appear in the stage very elegant mode. The singer will dress a typical dress of Estonia. I will accompany the song with an instrument created by me, I play with vagina. “Pussyphono”
Artist Website: www.rocioboliver.com

Sally Doughty
Link To Video: http://vimeo.com/user5321479
Artist Country of Origin: England, UK
Performance Title: I Think Not
Performance Length: 20 – 23 mins
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): Dance
Performance Description: I Think Not developed out of Deborah Hay’s Solo Performance Commissioning Project 2011 (see http://www.deborahhay.com/about.html).  I was one of twenty artists invited to take part in Hay’s ten day residency in Scotland, where we learned a solo score made by Hay. We then engaged in a daily practice of the solo for three months during which time we developed our own adaptation of the work.
My adaptation of I Think Not lasts approximately 20 – 23 minutes but can be tailored accordingly to suit any programme. The piece is improvised in response to a strict structure and performance imperatives laid out by Hay. The performance is set in the round, and my engagement with the audience in this context is paramount in the performance. I Think Not collapses voice, song, movement and costume into an intimate performance in which I flirt with elegance, a touch of craziness and a subtle sense of wit.
In my improvised performance, notions of an ‘other’ arise through my engagement with Hay’s fixed score and the audience. This ‘other’ is omnipresent in both my verbal and physical efforts, and evolves from seamless but drastic shifts in activity, space and intention.  The structure can appear to be fragmented and episodic but my movement suggests a fluency and continuity that carries the observer easily through the work.
Artist Website: http://www.dmu.ac.uk/about-dmu/academic-staff/art-design-humanities/sally-doughty.aspx

Sandra Jõgeva
Link To Video: http://sandrajogeva.artcontainer.ee/portfolio/genialistid/
Artist Country of Origin: Estonia
Performance Title: “Untitled: Part 3”
Performance Length: 15 minutes
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): Stand up / performance art
Performance Description: A stand up comedy/tragedy combined with elements from perforamance art, explaining the main difference between a stand up tragedy and a stand up comedy.
Artist Website: sandrajogeva.artcontainer.ee

Link To Video: http://vimeo.com/35349364
Artist Country of Origin: UK
Performance Title: Wave interference patterns
Performance Length: 30-40 min
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): audiovisual music
Performance Description:
Starting with an introspective study into synesthesia and principles of neuroscience DITHERNOISE experiments and explores field theories and information theories to create real time audio-visual synergies.
DITHERNOISE proposes a shamanic perspective mediated through the digital medium, his performance involves a number of different techniques that might vary depending on the particular performance space and location. The audiovisual process in all the performances is improvised in real time and the playback is specified for the particular performance space when possible.
DITHERNOISE draws on an imaginary sound-canvas as a result of intuitive artistic gesture, within the improvised performance, the approach to rhythm is experimental and casual, the performance aim to create a coherent flow or mass, atmosphere and rhythms metaphorically linked with fields theories and the idea of an interconnected consciousness. In the performance organic sources are processed within the digital medium, the concept of time becomes obsolete.
Cross-modal rhythmical structures are generated by the simultaneous experience of aural and video information associated on the fly according to subjective syneshetic intuition.  Dithernoise’s audiovisual set deals with theories of information and scientific paradoxes mediated in real time through the digital medium. Simon speculates the possibility to access a direct awareness of reality through the experience of a singularity in form of a synesthetic experience, Simon proposes that, as a crystal that when struck by light disperse the light energy into frequencies, the artwork should be seen as the crystal in respect of fields of ideas. It might be that this work will stimulate and open a new field of research, or will help to understand new aspects of a known field by dispersing information making the information available in another form.
Technical information:
The performance is always improvised using digitalized media and at times live input feedback, the specific hardware and software are relative, here id described the current set up.
On one dedicated Macbook pro computer a set of clips are loaded on Ableton Live and selected intuitively by the performer, the clips are organised in groups divided by morphology, nature of the sounds (how the sounds are originated), frequency content, rhythmical characteristics, colour and texture. Generally every single clip can be combined with every other to allow the greater amount of composition possibilities.
Within Ableton Live DSP processing is used to add variables and create new effects in real time, there are three section of DSP processing accessed though send A, B , and C, the effects in A are: Filter Delay and Gates, in B: Aliasing filter and a wave shaper distortion , in C: Two beat repeats.
Clips and effects during the performance are used in a manner to obtain a synergy between the sound and the visuals when played simultaneously, the performance is not scripted and proceed by free associations, all audio parameters are accessed using an AKAI APC40 midi controller.
Ableton Live provide also MIDI clock to the video playback software and a separated audio signal feed used to drive some of the video playback parameters in real time.
Live Input Feedback:
At times a sound input signal taken directly from the stage is used to add another aleatory layer to the live performance. The set up involve a microphone placed in the performance space which feeds a pre-amp, the signal is then sent to a DSP processor which includes a graphic equalizer, a dynamic processor, a distortion waveshaper and a digital delay, the output is then routed through the master section directly to the stage PA.  The chain of DSP processing just described allow the performer to shift the frequency spectrum of the feedback loop (Larsen effect) and effectively explore the resonances of the space creating a controlled low frequency drone responsive to the performance environment.
On one dedicated Macbook pro computer video is dealt within Resolume, which provide an easy and simple interface to select and playback pre-recorded video-clips. Within Resolume the video-clip are organised in groups divided by content morphology, colour, speed textures, stroboscopic or linearity, the video clips are loops that can be selected and recombined in a similar manner of tape loops.
The clips are selected matched and overlaid on the fly to obtain a synergy with the sound as the performance proceed, some parameter are automated through MIDI clock the audio signal feed from the audio software however the performance progress in not scripted manner and proceeds intuitively by free and synesthetic associations.
Artist Website: www.dithernoise.net

Stefanos Mondelos,  Spyros Zoupanos, Nafsika Tzanou

Link To Video: http://lambrakislivz.blogspot.gr/2012/01/trailer.html

Artist Country of Origin: Greece

Performance Title: Lambrakis Livz

Performance Length: 25-50 min.

Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): Performance (re-enactment of political speech)

Performance Description: The performance, “Lambrakis LivZ”, concerns the re-enactment of the political speech of Grigoris Lambrakis given in Athens in 1962. Grigoris Lambrakis was a peace-activist, assassinated by a paramilitary plot on June 1963 at Thessaloniki, Greece. The title denotes the first letter of the Greek word “Zei” (“[He] Lives!”), a popular graffito which appeared for the first time in the 1960s on buildings’ walls in cities around Greece, in order to demonstrate the growing reaction against the conditions that led to the assassination of Lambrakis. He became a towering figure not only for the Greek left-wing protests and politics but also for the centrists. The life and death of Grigoris Lambrakis inspired the author Vassilis Vassilikos to write the political novel “Z”.  In 1969, the Greek-French film director Costa-Gavras made the film “Z”.

It seems paradoxically, that although Gr. Lambrakis is dead, he is still alive haunting the imagination of any social struggle.

The political speech of Gr. Lambrakis given in June 1962 reflects the whole political climate of his era (Cold War politics, peace and anti-nuclear weapons activism, Africa’s colonization and struggles of anti-colonization movements, NATO and German militarization, Communist peace plans, etc). The speech acts as a time capsule and bears all the typical leftist rhetoric in Greece and abroad, characteristic of the polarized socio-political climate of that period. Although it may sounds outdated to the contemporary ear, certain fragments of the speech that apply to concrete realities of the past have a resonance to our nowadays situation. It seems that problematic realities of the past have remained un-resolved and unchanged so far. This paradox of a speech from the past that retains its validity and contemporaneity has been the starting point for the re-enactment of the speech. This paradox is intensified by the performance itself. For its staging no props or any costumes were used for the performer, in an attempt to avoid imitation of the 60’s era. In this way, the audience is confronted with and puzzled by the paradox of a speech that although is clearly a part of the past, through a contemporary reenactment, highlights its up-to-date aspects. The aim of the reenactment is to expose, in all its complexity, the problematic, tricky and contradictory oxymoron of a legacy that still haunts the imagination of any social emancipating practice, by revealing and bringing to the fore these paradoxes.

The performance has been presented up to now on six different occasions in open spaces in Athens, Greece (May Day, speech’s anniversary June 23rd 1962, anniversary of Athens liberation from the WWII German occupation October 12th 1944, etc).

Presentantion in Tallinn, Estonia

Does the political speech of Grigoris Lambrakis appeal to an international audience and especially to the contemporary audience of the ex-socialist countries? The political speech of Grigoris Lambrakis could be universal?

Grigoris Lambrakis’s political speech adopts the doctrine of Nikita Khrushchev’s Soviet Union which  promoted the concept of “peaceful coexistence” (between socialist and capitalist countries). In the Baltic countries this concept presumably was received with suspicion and perceived as a hoax. As stated on a label at the ‘Museum of Occupations’ in Riga, “arming of the USSR is done under the banner of fighting for peace.”

The presentation of the proposed performance/re-enactment of Gridgoris Lambrakis’s political speech will highlight the ambivalence of such a performance in Tallinn, Estonia, a country that has historically dealt with the consequences of the ex-Soviet Union’s political and social repression, recently though an adopter of the Euro currency and a strong supporter of the Western, European Union and Eurozone neoliberal politics.

The speech in Tallinn will be presented in Greek or English language, with a simultaneous translation in English or Estonian language by a second performer that will act as a translator.


first performed on May 1, 2011

at Syntagma, Athens, Greece

performed 6 times in 2011


Concept-Direction: Stefanos Mondelos

Performance: Spyros Zoupanos

Set Design: Nafsika Tzanou

Art Direction: Nafsika Tzanou, Stefanos Mondelos

Support: Yiorgos Yiannarakos, Sozita Goudouna (Out Of The Box)


He born in Athens, graduated from the National Technical University of Athens, and from the Veaki Drama School. A member of the Watermill Center, he attended seminars staged by Robert Wilson in New York in 2003. He directed six short films. He was awarded prizes once for his documentary ‘MasterPiece (Part I) (1st International Festival Emotion Pictures-Documentary & Disability, 2007) and twice for his adapted script “Two Shoes on Wheels” (National Book Centre of Greece, 2009 and 2nd London Greek Film Festival 2009)


2007 Special Jury Prize for the documentary “MasterPiece (Part I)” at the 1st International Festival Emotion Pictures-Documentary & Disability.

2009 3rd Adapted Script Prize for the adapted script “Two Shoes On Wheels” of the National Book Centre of Greece for the best adaptation of a modern Greek story into a short film

2009 Best Short Script at the 2nd London Greek Film Festival 2009 for the adapted script “Two Shoes on Wheels”.


2005 History of the conquest of space, miniDV, 19’. Fiction

2006 You learn from your mistakes, Beta SP, 44’ 33’’. Documentary.

2007 MasterPiece (Part I), HDV, 25’ 14’’. Documentary. https://vimeo.com/32735970

Emotion Pictures, Documentary and Disability, 1st International Festival: Special Jury Prize.

2010 Vis-a-Vis-e, MiniDV, 7′ 50”. Experimental.


2010 MasterPiece (Part II), 35mm, 16’, colour. Fiction.  https://vimeo.com/34372350

2011 Tomorrow Would Be Another Day HD 27′ colour. Documentary.  https://vimeo.com/28129659

Artist Website: http://lambrakislivz.blogspot.gr/ (EN), http://ogrigorislambrakiszei.blogspot.gr/ (GR), https://vimeo.com/user4272890/videos

Steve Vanoni
Artist Full Name and Artistic Name if Any: Steve Vanoni
Link To Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgGbqP5cqqQ
Artist Country of Origin: US
Performance Title: “2012 gRANDom Champion of Tallinn”
Performance Length: 15 minutes
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): performance art
Performance Description: 3 actions in 15 minutes……
Please refer to my website for photos,
video links,
my philosophy of performance art,
updated CV and too much other information
Artist Website: http://stevevanoniperformanceartandart.weebly.com/

Sten Saarits, Helmi Marie Langsepp, Taavi Rei, Kati Saarits, Anna-Maria Lapin, Helena Keskküla – Art Academy
Artist Full Name and Artistic Name if Any: Sten Saarits
Link To Video: http://n/a
Artist Country of Origin: Estonia
Performance Title: Ts-Ts-P-P
Performance Length: 10mins
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): Performance art
Performance Description: A dark room is used for this piece, where there are 4 people located underneath the ceiling and slightly overheads of the public, that control the physical movements of objects in the central stage. In the absolute center of the room there is a large sphere containing a performer and that sphere is being rotated and transformed as the performance goes on. On one side of the room there is also a DJ stage where audio and lighting effects are controlled.
Artist Website: Multible artists

Taika Ilola
Link To Video: http://thereisnovideooftheperformanceyet
Artist Country of Origin: Finland
Performance Title: Bubble
Performance Length: 1 – 2 hours
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): public performance art, street art
Performance Description: Artist in a man-size plastic bubble, on the middle of a square or a street in Tallinn. I hope to link the performance thematically to art history and/or environmental aspects, the Baltic sea.
Artist is in the bubble consumed in her own world: reading, singing, writing. The street life is passing by the bubble, the possible interaction between the artist and the audience is unknown until the time of the performance. Will the bubble break? Will the artist start communicating with the audience? Will there be enough air in the bubble? What will happen?
This performance will be presented for the first time in the Dimanche Rouge Tallinn.
Artist Website: www.taikailola.com

Tanel V. Kulla, Urmas Lüüs, Hans – Otto Ojaste, Aili – Maarja Mäeniit, Sigrid Viir, Erik Alalooga, Andreas W)  Postinstrumentum HAVE NOT APPLIED YET
Artist Full Name and Artistic Name if Any(required) – Postinstrumentum (Tanel V. Kulla, Urmas Lüüs, Hans – Otto Ojaste, Aili – Maarja Mäeniit, Sigrid Viir, Erik Alalooga, Andreas W)
Artist Country of Origin(required) – Estonia
Performance Title(required) –
Performance Length(required) – approx 30 min.
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.)(required) – A band with self- made music instruments.
Performance Description(required) – postinstrumentum.wordpress.com

Vaida Tamoševičiūtė & Daina Pupkevičiūtė
Link To Video: http://aswedoperformancesjustonce,wedon’thavevideoforn.ever.last/bind
Artist Country of Origin: Lithuania
Performance Title: n.ever.last / bind
Performance Length: Long durational, undefined, at least one hour
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): performance art
Performance Description: Concept
We pretend to be moving by our free will, we imagine to be following our instincts, and yet somewhere on the line we find out to be living by the rules imposed onto us, following strategies that someone else created. And so we live the illusion of free will, repetitive gestures and threatening silences, an insignificant movement, always the same and always different. Until the rope tightens too much, that hard, that we must make a choice.
We are in the opposite sides of the room, connected with white ribbons (fastened to the ceiling in the middle of the room). 3 buckets in one side, 3 in other. Two buckets are full of water. we are carrying the water and pouring it from one bucket to another. Crossing the room and each others way. Ribbons entwine and we are closer and closer to each other unless we can’t moove further anymore.
Artist Website: http://vimeo.com/vaidat   http://vimeo.com/user764963    http://www.facebook.com/pages/Daina-Dieva/161290680566166

Valentin Tszin (PoemaTheatre)
Link To Video: http://youtu.be/gDUU25J8MIk
Artist Country of Origin: Russia
Performance Title: Ka te T’ui
Performance Length: 19-23 min
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): CD, mp3
Performance Description: My all. My time and my voice. Blindness. And the inherent disease of the rare senses. The dots on the chin have collected an armful of the unexpressed forms. The power of Love is in the turmoil and soreness of the current days. Somebody is staying by and believes in the ideals. My body is a crack between fears and passions. Silent breath. Call of the beautiful faces. Solitude.
There are always some traces and strange colors left on a sleepy animal’s body. They are raking up just their memory and do not know any other prayers. We all have arrived in pursuit of rare treasures. We were allowed to swim here just after giving a promise. The theatre is a constant reminder of my promise given. I am sharing colors with myself. And I am bathing in these strange relationships with my Deep Memory.
Artist Website: butohchannel.org

VJ Eletroiman
Artist Full Name and Artistic Name if Any: Ricardo Silveira Cançado, VJ Eletroiman
Link To Video: https://vimeo.com/40069988
Artist Country of Origin: BRasil
Performance Title: Representa Corisco 2012
Performance Length: 30 min.
Performance Type (sound, dance, performance art, etc.): Live AV performance
Performance Description: The Representa Corisco is a project of urban interventions and video performance created in 2003 and during this period we proposed interventions in cities like Belo Horizonte, Sao Paulo, Budapest, Nuremberg and Barcelona.
The project works with concepts of the popular culture, icons related to the visual universe of “cangaço” and one of its characters: Corisco. The cangaço was an armed movement that lasted more than two centuries (XIX and XX) in northeaster of Brazil and can be associated with concepts like resistance and fight against the system of hereditary privileges present in the Brazilian history.
Characteristics of the narrative
The narrative of the project is a result of a bank of images that is being built since 2003 (representacorisco.com) and makes a direct reference to the universe of “cangaço”. All the work is based in the characters and icons developed by the group of visual artists: João Maciel and Ricardo Cançado.
Artist Website: http://vjeletroiman.com/

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