Dimanche Rouge is looking for video work connected with live performances or installations for its weekly program on the cable television station Souvenirs from Earth (

The submitted video work can be a documentary, a video piece created for a live performance/installation, or an experimental video connected with a live performance/installation.  A live performance could be the following, performance art, dance, mapping, video, sound, multimedia, actions, interventions, street art, spoken word and installations.

Please, note that currently, we do not accept any other video genres except for those stated above.

“Souvenirs from Earth (SFE) is the first cable TV station broadcasting a 24/7 program of video art, film, music, installations and performances, transforming bigger flat screens into an art terminal, giving access to the avant-garde of visual cultures. We give art more visibility and create new opportunities for professionals, investigating the ever changing position of art in contemporary culture.”  SFE can be viewed on the major French and German Cable TV networks, as well as in contemporary art centers/museums including the Palais de Tokyo.

No artist fee is required to submit and artists will not be remunerated if their work is selected.

This is a unique opportunity for artists to have their work shown on cable television and viewed by an European audience.  SFE also shows at international art museums and on the internet to a worldwide audience.

Other Important Information
Deadline: ongoing
Only videos that can be viewed online for consideration will be accepted, so be ready to provide a link (no emailed or mailed videos can be accepted at this moment).
A decision will be made within approximately one month.
If your work is selected,
– you will be asked to upload your work to a server (DVDs or other media mailed to Dimanche Rouge or SFE will not be accepted)
– video codec MUST be h264 and of the highest possible quality (HD footage is prefered).
Please keep in mind that SFE’s viewers have a preference for footage that looks professional.  Therefore, even if the content or historical value of your video work is unquestionable, we may have difficulties including it in our programs unless it meets the average SFE’s viewer quality standards.

To submit, please send the following information to

Artist First Name

Artist Last Name

Artistic Name (if any)

Artist country of origin

Country where video was shot

Title of the video

Venue/Festival where video was shot (if any)

Type: Video Performance, Performance Documentation, Installation Documentation, Video Made for a Performance, Video Made for and Installation

If none of the above, please explain

Video Description

Link to video
Please copy paste the link to Youtube, Vimeo or the like to the video you are submitting. Without this link, we will be unable to consider your application.

Password (if you wish to keep your video private)

Artist Website

Email Contact